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Gold is Money

Minimum request volumes: 5′000 CHF

You would like to purchase positions below CHF 5'000? No problem. Don’t hesitate to contact our affiliate in Bern where you will be welcome: purchase at current prices and take the products with you.

Sales transactions

  1. You put together a list of the products you require and transmit it in the form of a request for an offer. This forms the basis for a trusting relationship vis-à-vis Echtgeld AG, for which we thank you. It goes without saying that you may send us questions of general interest - by email please.
  2. Echtgeld AG will respond as quickly as possible and make you a binding offer. Trading times, Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 5 pm
  3. Echtgeld AG is a member of the PolyReg Self-Regulatory Organisation and thus fulfils all its obligations regarding the legal constraints (certificate of membership PolyReg). Purchases in excess of CHF 15'000 are subject to the AMLA (Anti Money Laundering Act) and require enhanced scrutiny.
  4. By accepting our offer you receive an order confirmation, which serves as an invoice. You are required to settle this within 48 hours (two working days).
  5. Once your payment has been received the products will be sent to the agreed delivery address. The goods can also be collected in person in Bern following agreement. (No postal charges are levied).
  6. NB: Goods cannot be sent abroad. International customers can collect the ordered products in Bern following agreement. The company ECHTGELD AG does not fall under the scope of GDPR, since it does not intend to sell it's products to countries within the EU.
  7. Once payment has been received your order will be dispatched by post or security van and is insured against loss or damage during transportation.
    All consignments are sent by Swiss Post or a reputable Swiss Security Transport company at the following rates:
    · Packet post CH + FL
      Insured maximum value: CHF 25'000, up to 10kg: 20.00 CHF
    · Security transport CH + FL
      Insured maximum value: CHF 500'000, up to 25kg: 120.00 CHF

Anti Money Laundering Act

Federal law to combat money laundering and funding terrorism in the financial sector.

Anti Money Laundering Act AMLA PDF Download

Echtgeld AG is a member of the PolyReg Self-Regulatory Organisation and thus fulfils all its obligations regarding the legal constraints.

What does this mean for the client? For investment sums in excess of CHF 15'000 Echtgeld AG requires all natural persons and legal entities to furnish proof of identity.At the same time, the identity of the beneficial owners is established.

If Echtgeld AG has the slightest suspicion that capital has been obtained illegally it will refuse to enter into a business relationship. Echtgeld AG also reserves the right to turn down potential clients without giving reasons.

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